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1998 Junior and Senior European
Roller Skating Championships

Pictures and Editorial
by Jill and Louise Manchester
The Championships were held in Pacos de Ferriera, Portugal from 31st August to 5th September 1998. The British Team consisted of 16 skaters, 10 coaches, 1 judge, 1 vice chairperson of CEPA and a team manager

The first two days were devoted to practice with the competitions starting early on Wednesday morning with the Junior Ladies Figures. Although our ladies were well down the field their marks were nothing to be ashamed of and both gained valuable experience in their first appearances in Junior Championships

Getting ready at Stanstead
The Opening Cerimony The opening ceremony was held on Wednesday evening and was much enjoyed by everyone in the packed sports hall. The British team gave a splendid rendition of "God Save the Queen" and were loudly applauded for their efforts!!

Thursday morning saw the Senior Ladies skating their figures. A special mention should go to Alex Orford who was skating in her first European Championships at the ripe old age of 20 and gave a very creditable performance.

On Thursday evening Tom Mannion gave a brilliant display in his Short Free Programme. Despite being drawn first he led the competition until the final skater .

Our Junior Dance Champions, Peter Cade and Vienna McMahon also led their competition after the compulsory dances and the O.S.P.

Friday was a very tense time for skaters and spectators in the British camp but the skaters proved to be equal to the challenge. Tom took the bronze in the Junior Men’s Free and Peter and Vienna took the gold in the Junior Dance. No one can remember ever seeing Tom with such a huge grin and you would think that Peter and Vienna had never won anything before ,such was their delight. No one could remember the last time the Union Jack was used twice in a European Championships.!! It was brilliant!!

Peter and Vienna with
The Whole Team on the Rink! Saturday was not such a good day for our skaters but later everyone enjoyed the fun and relaxation of the closing ceremony and then they all put on their glad rags and headed off for an evening of fun at a local night-spot.

The entire team enjoyed their week in Portugal and special thanks must go to Keith Salter for his excellent job as team manager, and to all the coaches and parents for their continued support , both moral and financial.

Roll on Germany 1999 !!!

The Men Dance Medalists
Some of the British Team and some friends It's not ALL hard work!

The Whole Team

Great Britain wins The Gold! (Dance)
Margaret, Peter, Vienna, Tom and William.